About us

Dear Visitor,

The Country is evolving and changing fast, thanks also to the always more engaging technologic innovations. Needs, markets, enterprises, Customers and suppliers of judicial matters are changing. Technology gives more opportunities and pushes the professional law firm to be more organized than before in their inner structure. It involves many people, locations and technologies, able to be quickly active, with quality, competence and advanced technologies all over the National territory. They are able to simultaneously work with quality, competence, professionalism in front of more than one the judiciary authority and not.

To affirm themselves in a continuously changing environment it is necessary to sustain with professionalism the changing needs and the new sceneries. This means to entrust in structured and qualified on a large scale professional studios, able to offer the necessary, complete, adequate and indispensable correlation between different matters, all over the National territory.

Professional studios must be able to guarantee trustworthiness with skilled competences, fitting the Customer’s needs. The Esibizione Legal Firm with the twenty years experience of the owner and the many internal Legal Firm partners, skilled in the Italian and International law, is able to offer (availing itself also of consultants and interpreters cooperating with the Office) privates and enterprises and their corresponding law operators, the following:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Competence
  • Privacy
  • Transparency of the legal professional services all along the Italian territory and abroad.

Preliminary legal activity: by means of an adequate assistance in the agreements drafts and understanding rules. In the extra-judiciary place by trying to solve conflicts with mediation and arbitration activity, in judiciary place, by assuming the law assignment of judiciary assistance and representation in any step and degree of the arbitration, assistance and representation in front of the Superior Magistrature included. A particular attention and competence in front of the Superior Magistrature is given by Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione in the Medical Malpractice field, paying particular attention to the underage and their parents’ rights safeguards, who received a damage from an health worker, inside or not an healthcare setting, when born or following a surgery or other.