Accident study

Today the road accident study requires an always increasing diligence, as there is a struggle, in the juridical meaning, for the judiciary place affirmation of interests that didn’t have, before, access to the damage recognition. Among all them, we remind the biologic damage evaluation, after the devastating legislating news of the latest years.

To operate in the road accident sector means to employ a significant part of the Law Firm resources in this field, by establishing confidence relationship with the adjusters, understanding the different local justice orientations and even encouraging, where possible, their evolution.

In this meaning, the Law Firm of the Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione is striving to assist all those that have been hit by arduous events in consequence of the road circulation.

Very often, too much often, it is hold to be true that a minimum effort and a limited competence will be enough for the road accident damage refund; what is true is the contrary. To pay for this absurd opinion are the people damaged, that rarely are conscious of what is correct to pretend and often are not informed. The lawyer who operates on the road accident sector has a task: to inform always and completely the Customers about its practice management. In other terms, Customer have, as in any other case, the transparency right in the delicate transition phase about the previous clarification of the legal expenses recognized in extra-judicial place by the insurance amount, not changed since a long time and often object of confusion.

The Law Firm of the Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione reserves to give always this previous information in order to guide the Customer to the aware acceptance of the result and to the fundamental sensation that every step is a consequence of an agreement between professional and the Customer.


Aim to our Office! Do you know that the Lawer costs relevant to your practice are at the insurance’s expenses? The Law Firm of the Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione is able to follow your practice by the proper professional network and the proper many offices with competence and professionalism across all Italy.

Not any advance expense is requested

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The Law Firm of the Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione is able to follow your road accident practice by its many offices across Italy and its proper professionals network. You will be followed only by trained Lawyers. You won’t need to ADVANCE ANY SUM. To be followed in all the refund steps by our trainee Lawyers won’t cost you anything. The legal expenses, indeed, are a damage entry fully refunded by the insurance. This is possible because the persons who cause the damage is charged of the Lawyer expenses if the refund request has been filled by a Lawyer.

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