Medical malpractice

Lawyer Gennaro Esibizione has gain his main and specific experience on medical responsibility with reference to the field of the medical malpractice and with particular care to the minor’s rights safeguards and/or their parents who received a damage from an health worker, inside or not an healthcare setting.

  • “Onorary President ABC E D” , af brain-injured  and disabled children Association
  • Conseulor at the national association for the home artificial paediatric nutrition.

The Esibizione Law Firm carries also out an on line legal advice. In the medical malpractice field it is possible, moreover, to send medical documentation from any part of Italy to our address: this will allow the sender to receive an answer with the evaluation on it made by our specialists in this field as well as our consultants, keen on this field and of international fame.
The preliminary study and examination about the feasibility of the reimbursement practice against the local health districts, (Unità Sanitarie Locali), doctors and / of insurances is executed with only a symbolic and fixed 100€ payment plus IVA and Cis. The payment will be due once the answer will be received and will be payable by wire transfer to the bank account that will be communicated.
The invoice will be issued when the payment will be received.

When the previous analysis of the case is done, if this will result suitable for proceeding, our Office will take with the mandatory a first appointment (in one of our locations that will be the nearest possible to the customer), where all the all the information relevant to the charge undertaken and implementation modes will be agreed.
 Professional proxy will be implemented under the full respect of the forensic ethic code, which text is consultable at the web address
It also possible to simply ask and or request an answer to a specific legal question on the medical malpractice field or other to be submitted to the legal Office examination by sending the question to the following email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In this last hypothesis you will receive by 7 days an answer by  email where the expert advice cost will be Indicated (this will be based on the forensic charges actually effective that can be consulted at the web address together with the bank account details for payment.

BY 72 hours from the payment the answer to the question will be sent to you by email, together with the invoice.